We are fully accredited by the WORLD-WIDE ACCREDITATION COMMISSION OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS (WWAC) Anyone wishing to contact them for verification may write to: The WWAC, Dr. Paul Richardson Executive President, 2800 Blendwell Road Richmond, Va. 23224.
We wish to make it perfectly clear that due to the principle of separation of Church and State Mark.12:17; James. 4.4; II Corinthians 6:14, the WWAC has chosen not to seek endorsement by either the EAES or COPA, but is a rapidly growing and respected network of over 200 schools, seminaries and biblical universities on the cutting edge of the Cause of Christ.


Over the years, the word “Accreditation” as used by those involved in higher education has acquired various interpretations, but essentially it indicates that some outside responsible body of educators have examined a school and found it to be doctrinally, academically, and financially reliable, and has certified that it meets their ethical standards. The purpose is to simply assure the public that the school is a reputable establishment.
What ordination is to a minister, accreditation is to a school, seminary or university. Therefore, most faculty and degree students feel that accreditation is very important, although it is not legally required. It’s a voluntary process. For instance, Kenneth Hagen’s RHEMA BIBLE TRAINING CENTER is not accredited and offers no academic degrees. It is a good school, but somewhat costly.

On the other hand, there are some who markdown a Christian School, Theological Seminary or Biblical University and reject their Accrediting Association too, unless it is linked up with the U.S.A. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, launching a campaign to impose their opinion upon the rest of the academic world. But, common understanding and every day usage determine the definition of any word. So to be accredited still means that an impartial, equitable and unbiased group of professional scholars has investigated an institution and has approved of its:

 Curriculum
 Syllabus
 Principals
 Values
 Standards
 And Modus Operandi

To the best of our knowledge, there is no such thing as Federal or State accreditation of a Bible School, Theological Seminary or Biblical University; for civil government has no authority to regulate religious training or what certificates we issue for it. This is an issue of separation of Church and State, as Jesus said, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s”. Mark 12:17.
Civil authorities must never officially endorse or disapprove directly or indirectly the beliefs and practices of Churches or their Bible Schools. A casual survey of Church history shows that such linkage with Caesar eventually leads to infringement upon conscience, bondage, and corruption. Therefore, to be accredited by any agency, which in turn is supervised by the U.S.A. Department of H.E.W., would to some degree be a compromise of the separation principle and constitute «friendship with the world” condemned as «adultery” by James 4:4.
In a Spiritual sense, the highest accreditation any Bible School, Theological Seminary or Biblical University could have would be the blessings of Divine Providence. Our best accreditation is the successful lives and ministries of our satisfied students. Isn’t graduate performance what it’s really all about?


Crown Theological Seminary of New England is deeply committed to providing both, quality Bible College programs for Experienced Lay Christian Workers, and Seminary Training for Qualified Ministers.

Our early courses are for Christians Leaders who wish to learn how to integrate Biblical principles into their daily lives, homes, and businesses. — those who want to be a better witness for the Lord, and to effectively participate in their local Church, community, and country.
In a sense, every Christian is a Minister, in that we are all to serve one another for the Lord’s sake; and in a way, a preacher is just an over-grown Christian.
Our latter courses are for Qualified Ministers, who already have a basic and/or fundamental working knowledge of the Bible, with a minimum of five years of experience but seek to develop more proficient ministerial skills.
Dr. Mynor A. Vargas
Founder and Chancellor

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