•Founded by Dr. Mynor Vargas with the Vision and Objective to help Pastors and Ministers obtain a combination of earned and honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree in just 12 to 18 months.
•Our program is exclusive and unique for Man and Woman of God who have been in the field for 5 years or more, must be 30 years of age or older and be able to complete our express Bible/Ministry Study over the Internet and write a small thesis
•You are never alone at Crown, you will get the necessary and prompt help at any time needed. Your degree will be earned and honorary at the same time.
•Imagine having an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree that you actually work for it in just one year or one and a half year. This Degree Program is a must! for ministers that do not have the time and finances for the traditional degree.
•You will not be purchasing a degree or getting it free… There are NO FREE RIDES at Crown. You will study at our State of the Art Express Online Learning Center and then we will Award you with a well deserved Doctor of Divinity Title.



 Biografía Ministerial de Consorcio Internacional de Iglesias


Dear Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ:
Greetings and blessings in the Name of Jesus of Nazareth.
First of all I want to say “Welcome” to Crown Theological Seminary of New England. Thank you for your interest in our school and biblical education curriculum. We trust that this catalog is now in your hands by Divine Providence and could be the KEY to greater opportunities in your life. Please note that our Seminary is exclusive for Ministers and Christian Leaders with five or more years of Experience.
If God has placed a desire in your heart for a Christian Education and/or Ministerial Training, then we encourage you to carefully read and prayerfully examine this catalog. The three most important things in your life are:

Your soul salvation
your choice of a life companion
and then your career





We are fully accredited by the WORLD-WIDE ACCREDITATION COMMISSION OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS (WWAC) Anyone wishing to contact them for verification may write to: The WWAC, Dr. Paul Richardson Executive President, 2800 Blendwell Road Richmond, Va. 23224.
We wish to make it perfectly clear that due to the principle of separation of Church and State Mark.12:17; James. 4.4; II Corinthians 6:14, the WWAC has chosen not to seek endorsement by either the EAES or COPA, but is a rapidly growing and respected network of over 200 schools, seminaries and biblical universities on the cutting edge of the Cause of Christ.


Over the years, the word “Accreditation” as used by those involved in higher education has acquired various interpretations, but essentially it indicates that some outside responsible body of educators have examined a school and found it to be doctrinally, academically, and financially reliable, and has certified that it meets their ethical standards. The purpose is to simply assure the public that the school is a reputable establishment.