His Family,
His Personal Life and
His Ministerial Call

Mynor Vargas, Pastor and International Evangelist, 43 years old, born in a remote mountain of Guatemala in Central America, far-off the Motagua River Shores, minutes from the border line of Honduras.
At only two months of age, Vargas believes God performed the First Miracle of his life, when hurricane “Fifi” struck the ostracized mountains where he and his parents lived. The testimony narrates that about 30 seconds after he was taken away from where he was sleeping in a humble wooden cradle, the entire wicker ranch was blown away in thousands of FRAGMENTS.
From that time and until today, Mynor Vargas has experienced in multiple occasions the MIRACLE helping hand of God near him, near his Family and near his Ministry.
Mynor has resided in the city of Providence, Rhode Island for the past 33 years; he has been happily married to Worship Singer and Pastor Blanca Lisseth for 26 years; they have 5 children: Mynor Gabriel (24), Mark Andrews (19), Sheyna Lizzeth (17), Jacob Timothy (15) and Matthew (10). They share their beautiful home with their three Basset Hound’s “Floppy” (5), Nacho (4), Pebbles (2) and their Cat “Tiger Armani” (1).

Pastor Vargas travels up to 100,000 miles each year ministering to all nations, ethnics and social levels. Celebrates small and large crusades and leadership seminars all around the Spanish Speaking World. Vargas has shared the Gospel with Presidents, Governors, Mayors, Ambassadors, Business People, and furthermore with the most humble Latinos in small and large metropolis, also with Indians from different tribes in far away mountains from Central America and jungles in the Amazons of South America and beyond. He started his theological studies at the Eastern Biblical and Ministerial Institute of New England; because of his busy traveling itinerary he was forced to continue studying by correspondence at the Kingsway College where he acquired an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Divinity, also a Doctorate Degree in Ministry from the Southern California Graduate School of Theology and finally a Degree in Church Growth from the Evangelical University of the Dominican Republic. He was born into a Christian Family and personally gave his life to Christ at the age of 9 in a “Tent Crusade” hosted by North American Preachers Glen and Charlette.
Dr. Mynor Vargas preaches the Powerful Message of Salvation daily to over 12,000,000 people using all kinds of media communications. His Radio Programs are broadcasted daily on over 922 radio stations in 23 countries. He is an author of two sold out books: “The New Anointing” and “When the Wind Lashes” also author of Great Selling Audio Book “Don’t Let Anyone Steal your Dream”, he has also written different published Ministerial Courses to be used as correspondence seminars: “First Steps of an Evangelist”, “How to Preach Successfully”, “Basics for Becoming a World Missionary” and “Personal Evangelism”.
Mynor Vargas two favorite personal quotes:
#1 God wants to do BIG things with SMALL people
#2 In the SMALL things you have been faithful in the LARGE I will trust you.