For Crusades and Congresses

Since 1985 we have celebrated evangelistic crusades and conferences addressing large crowds in different countries. The audiences to these mass meetings experience a miracle of spiritual transformation. The Word impacts people and their lives are changed by the power of that Word for ever.
The massive meetings entitled “The Best is yet to come”, “Your life will never be the same again” and “Night Power Celebration” are the only ones of its kind and magnitude. They not only satisfy the most demanding expectations from rigorous and meticulous audiences, but they also reached more special goals which have to do with spiritual and eternal effects on the life of the attendees.

We encourage you to ask for more information about hosting one of these Crusades or Conferences in your city. For further Information click here and -fill in the web form- for coordination or information about Evangelistic Crusades and Conferences led by Dr. Mynor Vargas and his International Team of Preachers and Worshippers.

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Our personnel that coordinate the Crusades and Conferences have a great deal of experience in doing much, with little; therefore we use small financial budgets with excellent results.