Who provides the Chaplains with the necessary resources to satisfy so many needs?

Nowadays, there are Chaplains from different denominations and beliefs. Some of them are lay leaders and other ministers of God with sound basis who resolved to make a difference in the lives of those who are in great need as well as those who have been forgotten by society. Christian Chaplains certified by Shalom are women and men who are “Called by God to Serve” They even give up their possessions to give to others (as did the first Chaplain of our modern time San Martin de Tour) Some Chaplains work half–time while others, full-time
Who can be a chaplain?
You can be an Honorable and Illustrious possessor of our Memorable Badges and Identification Cards from the International Federation of Christian Chaplain. If you are already an Ordained Pastor or Minister and you feel the call to serve in decisive moments of people’s lives, then you can be A CHAPLAIN – I invite and urge you to ask for information about how to be certified as a Chaplain. If you are a member of the Shalom International Church Consortium, then you have already qualified to receive the identification cards (you only need to ask for them and complete a minimum questionnaire about your background and – vision) Serving where it is most needed!