Who is a chaplain?
Chaplains are men or women, servants of God who are in charge of taking care of people in need at specific times. Chaplains do their work, for example, in: Hospitals, Prison, in times of war, Rehabilitation centers, Funerals, Police Stations, Paramedics and Fire Dept. They are also present in earthquakes, floods and other catastrophes. Finally, they are also in crusades, concerts, vigils, retreats, camping, etc.
-The chaplaincy is an extension of the local, national and international Christian church that gets to different parts of the society from the cultural and religious view. Chaplains take spiritually care of people at crucial moments. Chaplains work as pastors, teachers, evangelists, missionaries, counselors and administrators in specific issues because they represent Jesus and the church out of the building and from the inside of the agency users.
The importance of the Chaplaincy and the church of Jesus Christ:

It is very important, because non Christian or religious agencies are taking the place of running chaplaincies, but this is the work of the church of Jesus. It’s a real pity to know there are people in charge of the chaplaincy who refused to pray for people in need because they do not know God exists nor do they believe in Him. Then why are they chaplains?

The only answer that comes up to my mind is because the Church of Jesus does not do their job and is very busy holding services, deacons are busy fighting for ideas and so elders are discussing reasons, while pastors are busy dealing with all that. It’s time the church was wherever the need takes place, in all hospitals, prisons; police stations must know there is a church that can support, the Fire Department of the district and volunteers should know where to send the suffering family. There are traumas and confusions and so there are trained chaplains with a call from God to satisfy these specific needs. These men and women have to struggle with giving Jesus Christ as a unique answer and solution. That’s why the International Consortium Shalom has adopted, acquired and reorganized the International Christian Association of Chaplains in order to serve the Church of Jesus Christ as well as the society.
Local, National and International Chaplaincy:

The local church service to the neighboring community is an opportunity that offers a wide variety of advantages, where the church can express its testimony and its Christian love. The Church may extend its working area, through chaplaincies of volunteers, in the above referred places and others. The consortium Shalom is constantly providing current chaplains and future chaplains with resources and ideas, through our “International Federation of Chritian Chaplains, Inc”. – For example, in just a few years we planned to have members all over the continent. In case of catastrophes such as Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Avalanches, Landslides, Tsunamis, etc. our plan shall allow us to be present in countries, when great needs arise, by mean of Members of every country and through chaplains that may come from other countries in order to serve. They will also organize Massive Evangelistic Crusades or Crowded Christian Concerts, etc. Chaplains are necessary everywhere, even in unthinkable situations. –Today we have over 800 Certified Chaplains in 35 Countries.

Regional Chapters:
As soon as possible we will be ready to receive Chaplains under coverage and recommendation of pastors affiliated to the Consortium Shalom, very soon you will be able to recommend the key leaders of your local church or community, who must be faithful Christians with a good testimony to be able to form a regional Chapter from the Local chaplaincy in your country, and also this would allow you to carry credentials and a Lieutenant’s Badge, if it is provided that he has more than 5 chaplains under his/her control or credentials and a Captain Badge if there are more than 10 under his/her control in his regional Chapter. All regional chaplains who are under control of a Lieutenant or a Captain should be active and reporting activities so that they may be promoted to a Lieutenant or Captain level.