Missionary Activities
• Shalom since its foundation has been a Missionary Church.
• Among the Ministries which were founded within the church are: Esperanza de Vida, Inc. (autonomous), Global Vision, Inc. (autonomous) and Un Fragmento de Esperanza (autonomous).
• These Ministries hold Crusades and Conferences in many countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. They also provide help to the neediest people.
What else is going on in Shalom?
At Shalom every teaching of Pastor Mynor Vargas challenges you to reach a new higher level; every message tells you how much you are worth to God and not according to this world.
At Shalom we make you see your “Real Worth in Jesus Blood” and not by any low-label-price made by Satan. You are special, God made you to live eternally and we could teach you by the Bible how you may receive Salvation and Everlasting Life, we also will help you to live your life on earth to the maximum.

If you are seeking a biblical church to attend, we have good news for you, at Shalom we want to be your church and I want to be your pastor.
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