Where does the Chaplaincy come from?

According to Noami K. Paget and Janet R McCormack (high authorities about Chaplaincy) and the North American Mission Board (of the SBC), the long story about chaplain begins with the character “Finees”, Levite, Aaron’s grandson who answered the Moses’ calling to fight as a Chaplain (see Num. 31:6).

In Recent times:
In more modern times since John Gano, a Baptist minister from New York City. He served as a military chaplain under the command of General George Washington.
Hence, Southern Baptists took roots for their Chaplaincy ministry.

Throughout history, The Holy Ghost has guided chaplains from different denominations within the Christian faith and they have answered the call of God, serving people in their differing needs. The Shalom Consortium adopts the model of “Chaplains with Commitment” (Capellanes Con Compromiso) according to our vision – Triple “C” – (as per the Spanish version). We believe that being a chaplain is much more than having a nice Identification Card and wearing a Gold Badge similar to police officers. To be a chaplain is to be a “SERVANT OF GOD FOR THE RIGHT MOMENT”. Shalom takes the plunge to set up one of the most honorable army of Chaplains of the continent and YOU CAN BE ONE OF THEM.

More about the chaplain’s origins
More questions and more answers about the origins, who invented it or how it originated: Its beginning has an archaic background; the roots of chaplaincy history go back to the period when respected women and men, often religious people, joined the Army in their way to war. Chaplains set off to serve not only as warriors, but as priests, spiritual care providers for warriors. The Chaplains traveled together with Sir Francis Drake and George Washington during the Revolutionary War. The Chaplains were advisers, and they were consulted by Kings, judges, parliaments and governments; also by imprisoned people, sick people and those who had given up hope, they consulted them and found support from the complex work of these notable servants.

The more recent and known history about chaplain origins:
The chaplain history, although it goes back even to biblical times, the tradition and facts returned and associated it to an ancient legend, which tells of a young man known as San Martin de Tour. He was born in 316 A.C. in Pannonia, a Roman village in those days; nowadays it is part of Hungary. The young Martin took pagan religious vows. When he was 16 years old he joined the roman military forces, where he stood out as a soldier and officer. When he was 21 years old, he and the troops he commanded were sent to Amiens de Gaul, nowadays France. Once there, during a very cold night, he went out of the camp to walk; on his way he ran into a beggar who asked him for help, but passers-by just ignored him. The young man had nothing to give him, except the cape he was wearing. Without thinking twice, he approached the beggar and shared his cape with him. That night Martin had a vision, and it was revealed to him that the beggar was Christ Jesus. This vision disturbed Martin and motivated by this religious experience, he decided to become a Christian. Later bishop Saint Hilario baptized him. He shared his testimony with people, and many of them became Christians. Later the half of the cape Martin kept was turned into relic and commemorative Creed of the Martin’s meeting with Jesus Christ. The half of the cape was kept in a trunk or special jewel case, called Chaplain or Capella. Therefore, the term Chapel, literally means the place where the cape is kept.

The person in charge to protect the cape was the Capellanus, which means Chaplain, they are in charge of sharing and offering God’s love to all those who are in need. These women and men accept the challenge of going where not everyone wants to go and being with the forgotten ones.

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“We do not approve all candidates for Chaplaincy”, but we do provide certification for those who are Actual Ministers or Faithful Leaders in a Church. That is to say, we do not say “NO” to those who deserve to get it. If you are a servant of God, have a genuine Call to Minister those in need, and you are serving in your community, you may be qualified to become Certified Christian Chaplain in 30 days. We, at Shalom International Consortium, will provide you the Certification needed through our “International Federation of Christian Chaplains, Inc.”. At the present time we have over 800 Chaplains in 35 Countries.

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