Shalom is a dynamic, contemporary and 100% biblical Church.
For More than 29 years, Shalom has been a church where many people congregate in short and intermediate term. This church is located in the city of Providence, Rhode Island, where many people from other countries come to work, and stay there for months or years and then they return to their countries. Shalom is like an embassy for them. Also, we have a permanent and long-term membership. This membership is made up by many founders and people who made Providence their city of residency, and Shalom their House of Prayer


• An Elders Committee, that is like friends or brothers
• A Deacon Committee ready to meet special needs.
• An Usher Team eager to serve.
• A Captain team, that supervises usher Service.
• A Worshipper group, choir Directors, Musicians and Choristers that Minister to others.
• A Congregation full of the Spirit.
• An Eager Pastor looking forward to taking care of you!!!
On which days does the church meet?
• Evangelistic meetings every Saturday at 7.30 pm.
• Sunday bible studies all Sundays at 10.00 am.
• Intercessory meetings every Tuesday at 7.30 pm.
• Contemporary summer meetings every Sunday at 7.15 pm.
• Every Monday at 7 pm our worship ministers, choir leaders, musicians and singers meet to be in fellowship, practice and pray together.
• Every Monday all the brothering worship together, then the entire congregation disburses to the bible classes carried out by many teachers classified by age.
• Once a year we celebrate our Sunday meeting at Goddard Park where thousands of people gather, the same day we celebrate baptisms in the open air, using our portable baptismal pool. The outing lasts all the day including food supplied by the church, games for children and adults and other fun stuff.
• Eventually elder members and deacons hold “Youth Tuesdays” with the super teens.